16 October 2012

Electoral Bookmark

This is not really a blogpost...yet.

This is me thinking "out loud," so to speak.

I was reading an article online about a woman in the Army who was killed in action.  She was legally married but her wife is not getting recognized as a legal spouse.

I was reading another article online about the upcoming election season and the four states that have marriage equality on the ballot.  The opponents of marriage equality are tossing around phrases like "you can be anti-marriage equality and not be anti-gay" and "everyone has the right to respect but no one has the right to redefine marriage."

And I've been thinking.

I don't live in a state that has marriage equality on the ballot.  If that day ever comes in my lifetime, I think I will probably expect the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to occur the very next day.

But I want to discuss marriage.  I want to discuss definitions.  I want to talk about why somebody had the right to define marriage in the first place, at least in terms of government, and why that definition is apparently set in stone.

See, up until recently, I've had a lot of people tell me who I am supposed to be and which path I'm supposed to follow and just what is politically good and right in this country and in this world.  And I think I'm pretty much over it.  So I know that nothing will come from what I think and what I write and what I put out there.  But I'm going to do it anyway...

...as soon as I formulate what I want to say.

Consider this a bookmark.  The rest of the chapter is still being written.