find support

The following is a list sites I found helpful when I was first coming out or sites that I've since found to be helpful.  If you need support, these places have the resources to help you.  Some are Utah specific, but some are national organizations that can provide you with information about your area.

Affirmation (LDS emphasis, for active or former members or anyone in between)

Gays and the Gospel (LDS specific)

The Human Rights Campaign

The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Northern Lights (LDS specific blogs)

Suicide Hotlines

The Trevor Project

U of U LGBT Resource Center

Utah Pride Center

Also listed on my blog are two sites for the Moho (Mormon Homosexual) blogging world.  They are listed under the list of blogs I follow, beneath the heading "Moho Oasis."  If you are struggling and feeling alone, it's totally okay to blog stalk.  Just click link after link and learn about the wonderful people who happen to be both Mormon in some capacity and gay.

I also spent a lot of time on YouTube watching video blogs.  Clark Johnsen is an amazing person in my opinion, and I really enjoy listening to his thoughts on being a gay Mormon.  It was so reassuring and comforting to hear what he had to say and I really appreciate his willingness to be such a source for good.  For his YouTube channel, click here.

If you feel like there's anything I can personally do for you, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. 

Above all, you are not alone.