19 July 2013

He Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

I am Gleek.  I have been since the beginning.  I watched the pilot episode when it was a teaser, months before the show actually premiered.

I realize that not everyone is a fan of Glee.  But I love this show.  So I was very shocked and saddened to hear that Cory Monteith, one of the leading men from the show, had died last week.  I was even more surprised to hear that his cause of death was heroin and alcohol.

Stuff like this has the potential to really freak me out.  Cory was a year older than I am.  That freaks me out.  And I suppose that celebrities have this certain invincibility about them.  I tend to think that when someone has the appearance of a good life, everything to live for, that they will indeed live.  But addiction is no joke and it's so difficult to live with.  I knew that he had struggled, and it makes me sad to think that it still had such a hold on him.  It seemed like he was doing better.  The compassionate part of me feels so bad that people get locked into these things and they can't break free.  It breaks my heart.  I suppose that I just want better things for them.

And then I start wondering if I really have the right to get upset, and to cry, and to be freaked out.  I never met the man.  I didn't know him.  I realize that the real Cory Monteith is not Finn Hudson.  He has a family and a life that is entirely separate from everything Glee.  But as I was watching the season 3 finale yesterday, and not doing a good job at holding back tears, it came to me that something that I love is gone.  And for that reason, it's okay to mourn and not feel bad about it.

I hope that he has peace, and that his family and friends will be comforted in this time of loss.  Thank you Cory, for what you gave to so many Gleeks, myself included.  It won't be the same without you.

14 July 2013

Colorful Colorado

Last week, my girlfriend and I and one of our friends went to Denver.  We were there for the weekend.  Ever heard of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival?  Up until we started planning the trip, I hadn't either.

The festival was awesome.  The venue was not as good as the one we have in West Valley, but the music was loud and rowdy and our friend got to meet the band he most wanted to see.

It was a much needed and wonderful mini-vacation.  We're all ready to move to Denver.

For the most part, I like living in Utah.  My family is here.  I like the seasons and the scenery and the outdoor stuff.  But there are things that I don't like too.  And it seems like everything I don't like about Utah is fixed in Colorado...with the exception of my family.  However, Colorado is close enough that if we were to move there, we could come back and visit.  I'm not saying that it would be perfect.  And I'd love to spend more time there to see if it is truly how it appears right now.

My girlfriend and I know that there's a good bet that we'll be moving once I'm done with school.  We'll go where I get a job.  After this trip, I think I've added Denver International Airport to my list of places I'll apply to in the next year.

02 July 2013

A Supreme Moment of Relief

On the morning of June 26, I awoke to a text message from a straight Mormon friend of mine, asking if I was listening to the news.  I had been participating in SCOTUS watch, along with friends, and had known that the ruling would be coming down that morning.  But in my groggy state, it took me a few minutes to realize what she was talking about.

I stumbled to the living room and turned on the news.  I texted my friend back, saying "wow."  She wrote back: "Enjoy!"

In anticipation of the rulings, I had been feeling anxious and nervous.  In the wake of what was actually determined, I was overwhelmed with relief.

I think that this is all transpiring in the way it needs to.  I was actually glad that there wasn't a sweeping "gay marriage must be legal country-wide" decision.  I don't think this was actually a real possibility, but I was glad nonetheless.  Don't get me wrong, I look forward to the day when this country is united in equality.  And change is coming.  With Proposition 8 being thrown out, there are 13 places in this country where same-sex marriage is completely legal.  However, I think that, to a certain extent, people have to be ready to accept marriage equality.  And it doesn't seem like the majority is there yet.  There is still work to be done, and hearts to be softened.

I am not naive enough to believe that all people will accept it.  There will probably always be people who disagree.  Do I think that Utah will be one of the last places in the country to have marriage equality?  You bet I do.  But do I think it's possible that it could happen?  You bet I do.

I am hopeful as I think about the future.  I am glad that the fight for equality is moving as it is.  Perhaps it is not quick enough for some people.  But I believe that patience and hard work will pay off, just as it is supposed to.