14 July 2013

Colorful Colorado

Last week, my girlfriend and I and one of our friends went to Denver.  We were there for the weekend.  Ever heard of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival?  Up until we started planning the trip, I hadn't either.

The festival was awesome.  The venue was not as good as the one we have in West Valley, but the music was loud and rowdy and our friend got to meet the band he most wanted to see.

It was a much needed and wonderful mini-vacation.  We're all ready to move to Denver.

For the most part, I like living in Utah.  My family is here.  I like the seasons and the scenery and the outdoor stuff.  But there are things that I don't like too.  And it seems like everything I don't like about Utah is fixed in Colorado...with the exception of my family.  However, Colorado is close enough that if we were to move there, we could come back and visit.  I'm not saying that it would be perfect.  And I'd love to spend more time there to see if it is truly how it appears right now.

My girlfriend and I know that there's a good bet that we'll be moving once I'm done with school.  We'll go where I get a job.  After this trip, I think I've added Denver International Airport to my list of places I'll apply to in the next year.


GMP said...

Never read your blog before, so don't give my opinion too much thought, but as a Colorado native, I think you'd love it there! I think everyone would love it there. Although that being said, I really love Utah as well. One thing I promise you'll miss is proximity to the mountains. Pretty much anywhere in SL or Utah Valley, you're at the most a half hour from good skiing and hiking. In Denver, you're at the minimum half an hour from good hiking and at least an hour from good skiing.