02 July 2013

A Supreme Moment of Relief

On the morning of June 26, I awoke to a text message from a straight Mormon friend of mine, asking if I was listening to the news.  I had been participating in SCOTUS watch, along with friends, and had known that the ruling would be coming down that morning.  But in my groggy state, it took me a few minutes to realize what she was talking about.

I stumbled to the living room and turned on the news.  I texted my friend back, saying "wow."  She wrote back: "Enjoy!"

In anticipation of the rulings, I had been feeling anxious and nervous.  In the wake of what was actually determined, I was overwhelmed with relief.

I think that this is all transpiring in the way it needs to.  I was actually glad that there wasn't a sweeping "gay marriage must be legal country-wide" decision.  I don't think this was actually a real possibility, but I was glad nonetheless.  Don't get me wrong, I look forward to the day when this country is united in equality.  And change is coming.  With Proposition 8 being thrown out, there are 13 places in this country where same-sex marriage is completely legal.  However, I think that, to a certain extent, people have to be ready to accept marriage equality.  And it doesn't seem like the majority is there yet.  There is still work to be done, and hearts to be softened.

I am not naive enough to believe that all people will accept it.  There will probably always be people who disagree.  Do I think that Utah will be one of the last places in the country to have marriage equality?  You bet I do.  But do I think it's possible that it could happen?  You bet I do.

I am hopeful as I think about the future.  I am glad that the fight for equality is moving as it is.  Perhaps it is not quick enough for some people.  But I believe that patience and hard work will pay off, just as it is supposed to.