05 July 2009

Sleepy Face

This last week was one of those weeks that are just absolutely booked. Between work and the festivities of the holiday and just life, I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping okay, just not getting a lot of time to actually sleep. And I've noticed something about being as tired as I am right now.

I think I'm more gay when I'm tired. Well, I think I just get lazy about checking my thoughts and eyes and dreams.

Clearly, when I'm really rested, I keep myself on a tighter leash.

Sometimes it's nice to just be tired.


HappyOrganist said...

"I think I'm more gay when I'm tired. Well, I think I just get lazy about checking my thoughts and eyes and dreams."

see - that just goes to show that we're right ;-)
(sorry, i couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...
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drakames said...

H.O.: I don't know what you mean when you say "that just goes to show that we're right." Who's "we" and what are "we" right about?

Cheryl: I wondered where you went, but of course I'll give you another chance! Hope things are better for you now. Glad to have you back! :)

A.J. said...

I think when I'm tired my defenses are down so I am less critical of myself. I allow myself to be more of myself if that makes sense.

HappyOrganist said...

I thought I was being clever (guess it wasn't). You know how when you're tired you don't suddenly develop a lot of wonderful attributes? I mean, we're all more cranky, irritable, (our worst attributes come forward) when tired, right? (exception of being punch-drunk tired.. that one's kind of iffy)
anyway.. just saying that the fact that your thoughts head *that direction when you're tired, means that they're not .. well - they're not your best attributes ;-)
Have I successfully wormed out of that one? I don't feel like being a blunt snot-head tonight. (maybe in the morning after a goodnight's rest)

and 'we' was Alex and I. (she had nothing to do with the comment, btw) - i just like speaking for her.

Hey, are you going to Sarah's FHE thing? (assuming they're still going to host that) If you are, I'd love to stop by and say hi. (but I gather you're a ways out of town, and you probably have a life...)

Anonymous said...

Even though I am still gone, does not mean I ever stopped reading your blog. I like your blog a lot. :)

And, thank you, but no, things are not much better for me. In fact, they are quite tough. If you can say a prayer in my behalf, I would be really appreciative.

Thanks. Cheryl