11 July 2009

To The Monster Under My Bed That Is Organized Religion...

Which straw will be the last straw?

When is enough just enough?

Where is the point of no return?

Why does it feel like "the worth of a soul is great" only when it's convenient and fits your mold?

Why does it seem like there are better reasons to leave than to stay?

Why do I feel like I've reached my limit with you?


Anonymous said...

What is eating at you? Can you be specific? Cheryl

HappyOrganist said...

it's all in your head. just ignore it ;-)

Fraction said...

I see you like Jon Schmidt. A friend of mine's son passed away three weeks ago from the swine flu. Jon was a friend of this young man and came to the funeral- he played the postlude and prelude music for the funeral. He did a wonderful job.

Hope you have had a good day.
Fraction Meister

alex dumas said...

"...organized religion plays an important role in preserving and maintaining public morality" (M Russell Ballard, “Religion in a Free Society,” Ensign, Oct 1992).

"...a structured church means much more than a weekly dose of preaching. It offers community, opportunities to learn from others, and an enormous incentive to practice good works" (Elizabeth VanDenBerghe, “Religion and the Abundant Life,” Ensign, Oct 1994).