27 July 2009

The Updated Amy

I'm officially moved out! Yay! Unfortunately, I'm not officially unpacked. That takes much more time than packing. But I'm here, I'm done with the apartment, and it's not even the last day of the month.

Because of how everything went down with my old roommate, the options I was hoping to have didn't really exist. This is probably because I was planning for JANUARY and not JULY. So since I can't afford to find a place all by myself, yet, I had to move back home. This is not such a bad thing. Slightly inconvenient to be living with the parents again, but not entirely bad. In fact, I've made a list so that I can remind myself of the good stuff if I get frustrated with the situation.

--I have my very own bathroom. And the hot water lasts longer than 7 minutes.
--I can listen to more than half a song on the way to work. It's more like three or four.
--I don't have to listen to the people upstairs yelling at their kid in the middle of the night.
--I don't have to listen to the people downstairs getting frisky. Ew.
--I can save money! This is a big one. I can pay for school, I can pay off my car, and maybe save some cash in the process.
--I know that it's short term. I'm not going to be living here forever.
--my parents turn into pumpkins before 11:00. I don't get home from work until right around then, sometimes later, so I'll have time to myself.
--my mom is a big fan of keeping the refrigerator stocked.
--it's familiar. I lived here for eleven years before, and even though I'm in a different room now, it still feels like home.

All positive points. And who knows, maybe being back home will allow me to cultivate a better relationship with my parents, which might make it easier to tell them my truth...eventually.


Jenz said...

glad you are good