18 July 2009

The Exceptions To My Rules

I am getting better at accepting the fact that I am gay. It's just who I am and most of the time it's really starting to feel okay. I like girls more than guys. That's just how I roll.

I do have three exceptions though, where if the planets happened to align just right and our paths crossed, I would just completely melt into a puddle. The lucky guys (ha ha) are Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, actor Craig Olejnik, and Brandon Boyd of Incubus. It would be four, but Heath Ledger died. Sad day. :(

Thursday night was the Incubus concert and it was the such an amazing show! I'm still smiling about it! There's nothing like seeing your favorite band on the stage and having the chance to sing along with your favorite singer. That would be Brandon Boyd. He's nice to look at, but I think what attracts me the most about him is his artistic nature. He's so poetic, musical, creative, just talented. Seriously, he can sing to me anytime.

An added bonus: lots of hot girls like Incubus too. It was an excellent night for me. :)


Jenz said...

what's even better is seeing your favorite artist -- front row!! you can never go back to the cheap seats again! best ever!