21 October 2009

Recent Discoveries

1) There is joy in a 20 minute shower. I used to only take 5-10 minute showers, never knowing what I was missing out on.

2) I think laser hair removal would be worth it if I never had to shave my armpits again, but I don't mind shaving my legs.

3) Baseball is more amusing to watch when you're watching with someone who is really passionate about it.

4) I like being random.

5) I can be completely comfortable with my life and how I live, be a good person, be myself and be happier than I've ever been, and the fact that I am doing so still might be a trial for someone else.

6) Standing up to my own fears takes a courage that I didn't know I had, but I'm grateful that I've found it.

7) I've been really busy lately and I've actually missed blogging.

8) Giving unconditional love is completely worthwhile and life-changing.

9) Receiving unconditional love is completely worthwhile, completely life-changing, and absolutely amazing, and I continue to be amazed at its power every day.

10) Life goes on, life is good, and I can have sad days and still not be sad.


A.J. said...

You look very happy. :)

alex dumas said...

I think #5 is always going to be true.

This is a good list!