06 February 2010

Choosing Life

"I assured Ross of our love and understanding, our unwavering support and loyalty, but when, in absolute despair, he said, 'what's the point of going on?  I can't ever marry in the temple and have a family.  How do I get to the celestial kingdom?  What happens to me?' I had no answers.  I still don't.

"I could not advise him to keep coming to church, to hope for peace in the next life.  There are graveyards full of young Latter-Day Saints who have tried.

"I choose life for my child.  I would rather have him alive, living an authentic life, true to who he is, than to live a stalwart steadfast lie that backs him into a suicidal corner."
(Diane Oviatt, Oakland LDS Stake)


Troy said...

powerful words!