02 April 2012

Just Another Weekend

I'm not really sure about what I'm going to blog about, but I feel like I ought to have something to say.  After all, this was kind of a big weekend in the Mormon world.  Spiritual nourishment from a pulpit in the good ol' SLC.  But I didn't trouble myself with it, other than to wait on large parties of white-shirt-and-tie clad men on Saturday.  Every six months, like clockwork, they descend upon us.  And inevitably, as soon as the clock reads eight, someone will come around the corner and announce the White Shirt Alert.  Good times.

There were posts on Facebook about one thing or another.  The only one that possibly intrigues me is the talk given by Elder Uchtdorf.  As of yet, I haven't brought myself to read it.

I find that I used to get stressed about what might be said, who might be saying it, who might be taking it to heart.  This is the first General Conference where I genuinely have not cared.  That sounds different than I would like it to.  I guess what I mean is that I was completely nonchalant and neutral-feeling about what was going on.  It was just another weekend.  I didn't bother with the usual emotional stresses.

And it was really nice.


El Genio said...

I found myself breathing a big sigh of relief that the most controversial thing to come out of conference was having David Archuleta in the choir.