04 June 2009


On Sunday, I'm going with some of my friends to Pride.

I've never been to Pride before, and I'm kind of anxiously excited about it. I don't know what to expect really and new situations make me nervous. But I'm going to be with people I trust and I've heard good things about Pride, so I'm also looking forward to it.

Anybody else going?

Amy fact of the day: I can't sleep if I'm cold.


HappyOrganist said...

I'm not going. What is it?
I can guess.. I could look it up. But I prefer to ask... (Don't be mad, I'm still on drugs)

Oh, how did the air-show go? Did you like it?

Captain Midnight said...

I'm going to be there on Sunday with my boyfriend and some other friends. That would be cool if I saw you there, though I guess I don't know what you look like. Haha.

Jenz said...

PRIDE IS SO FUN!!! Dallas Pride is a great time -- I've been on several floats in the parade and it's a great time! Have fun!! Be yourself!!! Be free!!

alex dumas said...

I like that Amy fact of the day. May I use that?

drakames said...

H.O.- AKA Gay Pride. Parade, general gathering, entertainment, celebration. I'm not offended or anything that you asked, so no worries! Air show is tomorrow and Sunday as well, and I've been watching pilots rehearse today, loving every second of it.

Captain: So maybe we'll see each other and not even know it! We'll have to compare notes on Monday or something. :)

Jen: Being free sounds really, really nice. :)

Alex: Of course!

HappyOrganist said...

Thanks Amy ;-)
So, does anybody else think this is funny? I'm feeling gutsy. I expect some no's. But I'm interested here in what your sense of humor is - collectively and individually (mostly individually). I thought it was hilarious. I love you all, of course (especially since I've started this medicine), but I thought this was quite funny. So what do you all think? (ready to duck and cover)
[just yes or no's!]
ok - whatever you want.
Thanks! Thank you Amy ;-D Hope you have fun this weekend. ;-)