24 June 2009

Is There Sunshine In My Soul Today?

I've been noticing that sometimes at home, I find myself feeling very frustrated and angry. Today is one of those angry days. So I'm trying to focus on some positives.

I took my math placement test for school today, so I should be able to register tomorrow. I'm looking forward to going back to school and doing something different. I don't want to work in a restaurant forever. At least I feel like I'm moving a little bit now, despite the depth of the rut I've been in. If anyone wants to help me survive Math 1010, I promise you I'll need the help. :)

Something you might not know about me is that when I was fourteen, I developed a pretty nasty habit and it continued for eleven years. I'm not proud of it, so I'm not going to get too specific here. I felt like it was absolutely impossible to give up. But I've done it. Next Thursday--only 8 more days--is my one year "clean" mark. This is HUGE for me! I'm so excited to finally have a life without it!

My great-grandma is still alive. She's 99! Recently she had to be hospitalized for a medical problem and severe dehydration, and she's been in a care facility for about the last two weeks. I've been really worried about her and it's been tough to see her as frail as her years might suggest she is, especially since she's normally such a firecracker. They are still concerned about an infection in her lungs that could possibly become pneumonia. She's receiving excellent care though, and is doing much much better. She's starting to assert some of that lovable spunk again. I'm so glad!

I got to see both of my sisters this last week. My youngest sister and her husband were up for a friend's wedding over the weekend. My other sister brought the two kids up on Monday to visit Great-Great-Grandma. I love seeing them and I always enjoy playing with my niece and nephew. It's like nothing else when they see you coming, drop everything to run to you and give you a great big hug. They call me "Maymie" and I just eat it up. They're almost 2 and 3, so they're so much fun.

Let the peaceful, happy moments roll.


HappyOrganist said...

awesome work on the habit thing. good for you.
I'll help you with your math. just send me your homework. i'll send it back to you done. ;)

[actually I wouldn't do that]

you're taking 1010? what is that, algebra?

drakames said...

Intermediate algebra. I passed the elementary level and then college level math pretty much kicked my trash. Intermediate it is!

HappyOrganist said...

what are you majoring in? how much math do you need? just to 1050 or 1060?
I took calculus (2 semesters of it) for fun. Got a C in the second class, if I remember right. I took calculus in HighSchool (pretty much failed the class) - but we had a lot of fun.. I loved that class actually. And I DID pass the AP exam. So I learned the material, just didn't do the homework (very much) - and generally learned the material AFTER we tested on it. "oh, That's how you do it.!"
umm... well, anyway.

yeah, what are you studying?

alex dumas said...

Are those the words of a HYMN you're using there? ;)

Congrats on the habit-breaking. You should treat yourself to something nice.

HappyOrganist said...

have a beer

HappyOrganist said...

hope that wasn't your bad habit

Jenz said...

well, dangit, now i am dying to know what your habit was.


PS - Math sucks.