24 March 2010

Found Out The Hard Way

Turns out that your ability to kiss someone is based on keeping air pressure in your mouth.

So if you have a crown fall off one of your back molars while you're eating and you break it by biting down on it, then your dead tooth beneath it breaks before you can get the crown replaced, then your dentist tells you there's not enough tooth to save so he has to extract it, and in the process of doing said extraction drills through your tooth roots and into your sinus, thus creating a hole that allows air to move freely between your mouth and nose without your permission and that will take 3-4 months to heal, your ability to kiss will also be extremely incapacitated.

And that's a sad day when you have such a kissable significant other.

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Evan said...

uuuugh the paaaaaain! I'm so sorry. That hurt just thinking about it!

Scott said...

Lemons into lemonade!

This is an opportunity to find new and exciting ways (that don't involve suction) to stimulate your SO through mouth-to-mouth contact. By the time you're healed you'll be twice the kisser you currently are because of all the new tricks you'll have learned.


Jenz said...

OH MY GOSH!! That sounds like a complete nightmare! What Scott said.