18 March 2010

New Blog Title

I've decided to change the name of my blog, along with the layout and a few other things, because I'm thinking that I'm in a new phase of my experience.

I don't really consider this to be such a Rocky Path anymore.  I know that it has been and I know that there are times where it could certainly continue to be.  Coming out is a tremendous experience and it affords you the opportunity to feel many, many, many emotions at many, many, many different intensities.  As my girlfriend has told me on more than one occasion, it's one of the hardest things you can go through.

I don't consider myself to be completely through it or over it or standing in a place where stability is my foundation and happiness radiates all around me.  But it's definitely getting easier.  I feel good about who I am and the choices I've made and the direction my life is currently moving in. 

So I'm shaking off some of the dust, spring cleaning if you will, and changing the way I think about being LDS and gay at the same time.  It was something that I endured and had to endure.  Now it's something I think I can work with.  It doesn't have to be a bad thing or such a negative experience, or such a weight on my shoulders.  It can be frustrating and difficult, as I'm sure we all know, and I think I've accepted that fact, because it doesn't surprise me or bother me as much anymore.  And if anything, I've decided that religion should be about hope and spiritual upliftment.  I know that's written on the advertising banner of every LDS chapel in the world...and I hope that someday they can deliver on that promise for everyone.

This is my life and I'm going to make it as awesome as it can be.  This is my experience and it has to be what I want it to be, not what someone else tells me it should be.  These are my footprints on my path, and I'm so glad it's a path that isn't straight.


Reina said...

I like the new look! It is often good to move into a new phase. Congrats!