09 August 2010


Whenever I see this sticker on a car, I wish I had some way of thanking that person for their display of support.  I wish I had some posterboard or piece of paper that said "thank you."  I wish there was a way to make eye contact and pass that message along.  But more often than not, and for my safety and the safety of others, it's a silent acknowledgement, and it's a silent "thank you" that I send out into the universe, hoping that somehow, it reaches that person in some mystic, karmic way.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you for believing people like me deserve rights too.  Thank you for understanding that equality is important.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Even if you do nothing else, if displaying this sticker is all that you do, it is more than some do.  And for me, it is enough. 

It means something to me, and I am grateful to you, and for you.  Thank you.


Evan said...

I have a magnet on the back of my car. I take it off on the way to work, due to being new and the environment being relatively conservative.

But I love driving around with it on! And I love seeing them around Houston!

Lori H. said...

I feel the exact same way as you. Each time I see that sticker on someone's car, I want to thank that person for it somehow. Reading this post was like reading my own thoughts.