09 October 2010

Things I Learned This Weekend

1: I enjoy wearing a tie. I think the Half Windsor knot is my favorite. Maybe that's weird but oh well. I'm weird. I'm okay with it.

2: I would really enjoy it if I could find just straight-leg slacks. I don't like boot-leg or flare and I'm not into the "form fitting" look. Even better would be girl slacks with boy pockets. Girl pockets aren't made to hold ANYTHING.

3: Even if you guess that someone will decline an invitation to dinner, they would still like an opportunity to decline said invitation (sorry Sister).

4: Being in a city that you are familiar with while being with people who are unfamiliar with the city is weird. Also slightly frustrating/maddening when you don't have a loud voice.

5: I'm not super picky about hotel rooms but if the shower sucks, that's a problem. I'm glad I don't have long hair anymore.

6: October is an awesome time to get married in St. George. Congrats Mitch and Lee!

(million dollar phone approved)

Location:E 370 N,Washington,United States


Neal said...

I like ties too! I have over 100 of them - they're cool!