10 February 2011

Class of 2001, part II

Still deliberating on the reunion thing, but since there isn't even a date set yet, I figure that the time to stress about it is not right now.

So in this Facebook group, it's all the rage to post what you were doing 10 years ago and what you're doing now.  I wasn't going to participate.  But then it occurred to me that this could be a useful thing to feel out the climate of the class.  I was in no way popular.  I didn't have a lot of friends.  I was just a band nerd, trying not to embarrass her cheerleader sister (which sounds pathetic, but it's the truth). 

Therefore, I thought I would share what I posted in the group.

10 years ago I…

-had a few close friends instead of a large group of friends
-was convinced that no one knew who I was
-went to class but never said much
-played saxophone in the band
-music was my life, especially loud, rowdy rock music
-drove a really monstrous car called “The Beast”
-worked at the Delta Center
-cared too much about what everyone else thought
-wasn’t interested in guys
-couldn’t wait to graduate
-was ashamed to struggle with so many things in my life

Now I…

-have quite a few amazing friends
-am going to classes and still not saying much, but learning more
-am working towards a career in aviation administration
-play the radio instead of my saxophone
-music is still my life, especially loud, rowdy rock music
-get to watch Jazz games instead of work through them
-see some of you every now and then at the restaurant where I currently work
-was married at one point but am not anymore (which is better, trust me)
-care more about what I think than what you think (no offense)
-still have no interest in guys
-am not ashamed of what I went through to get to where I am today

I tried not to be completely transparent, yet still honest.  From here, we'll see where it goes. 


Kiley said...

It might be interesting to see if you get any responses and what those responses are like. You don't owe them anything though so I would only post it if you really really want to. :)

ControllerOne said...

I like the honestly. You sound like most of us, who just tried to survive those years as best we could. However, I was rather interested in guys....