08 June 2013


As much as I love books, I also love music.  My dad is a jazz musician, so music has been a part of my life since before I took my first breath in this world.

I love a wide variety of music.  I'm not a huge fan of techno or country.  My world would be much better if I never heard another Sheryl Crow or Taylor Swift song.  But if you were to look at my iTunes library, you might be surprised at the diversity.  When I put my library on shuffle, it might go from a Stone Sour song, to an Incubus song, to a movement from Copland's Appalachian Spring, to a Reba McEntire (my ONE exception to the country music rule), to a Five Finger Death Punch song, then maybe something from a Broadway musical.

The thing that I love about music is its ability to speak to your soul.  Music can express emotion in ways that words never can.  And sometimes, when there are no words, music is where I turn.

I know there are a lot of things that are bothering me, things that I really haven't been dealing with.  The excuses are numerous.  The result of doing nothing is the same.  The first half of 2013 has really been filled with some difficult months.  As such, my iPod has gotten a lot of miles lately.  It makes my soul feel just a little bit better.