03 June 2010

How I Do Pride

Pride is this weekend and I am so excited! Last year was my first Pride and it managed to be both great and miserable a the same time. I was only out to about four people. It was an amazing experience to be in an environment where it was 110% acceptable to be loud and proud about who you are. At the same time, I felt sadness about not being more out. And I vowed that never again would I be in the closet for Pride. I made it a personal goal to make great strides before June 2010.

Mission accomplished! I have a short haircut, a girlfriend, and a rainbow belt, all of which will proudly be accompanying me to Pride. I will also have my amazing friends, who love and support me in being who I am. I'm out at work and to my immediate family, which really is the majority of my social circle. That's really quite a feat for one as introverted as me.

I'll be there Sunday. Will I see you there?

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Reina said...

I did not comment on your bravery post, but I had similar thoughts reading that post as I did reading this one! I do think you are brave. Your new haircut rocks! I look up to you. I hope I am where you are next year in my progression.

Public Loneliness said...

I'm planning to be there, but with your new haircut I don't know if I'll recognize you!! :)

I'm a bit nervous, but very excited to make it this year, it has been a year-long plan for me!