20 June 2010

Me and My Girl

I don't have pics from Pride yet. My computer and I are fighting.

My girlfriend and I did take some pics last night after Brandon and Michael's wedding though, and since I'm not fighting with my phone, I thought I would post some of those.

This is my girlfriend. She's my favorite. :)

I'm so lucky to have her. I just love her.


A.J. said...

cute couple :) you look happy :)

Joned Rahadian said...

You two look lovely. ^_^
Cant wait the pride pics...


Jenz said...


shaantvis said...

such a strange small Moho bloggosphere world we live in - we've followed each other's blog before we met at the wedding. I didn't put two and two together! Anyways, it was great to meet you two, glad you two are happy together!