30 May 2011

All, Or Nothing At All

There was a religious debate at work the other day.  These always crack me up a little bit, because you can't argue religion and politics in my opinion.  There's too much emotion with either one, and it really comes down to how you feel about the facts instead of the actual facts themselves. 

In this particular debate, I didn't hear most of it, but I did hear a point that I thought was valid.

"I would rather not live a religion at all than live it half-heartedly.  What's the point of doing that?  Do you really think God would rather have me fake my way to whatever salvation might be waiting?"

Good point.

Granted, God knows all, and He would be more than aware that you were faking it.

I didn't stick around to see who "won" the debate, but it did give me a tidbit to think about, so I just thought I'd share.