12 July 2012

Day 26: Revelation

Revelation has a lot to do with the LDS Church.  Without it, the Church wouldn't exist.  Joseph Smith Jr. received and founded the Church based on revelations.  That's why he was considered a prophet of God.  That's why the Church continues to have prophets today.  Those prophets receive revelation for the Church as a whole and pass it along to the members.

But I also remember that primary lesson where we learned that any person can receive revelation from God.  God hears and answers prayers.  He will listen.  And if you ask with a sincere heart and in the right spirit, He will answer you.  Personal revelation, they call it, and it's available to anyone.

So which revelation outweighs the other?

If the President of the Church offers a revelation from the pulpit that is designed for the Church as a whole, and I pray about the same issue and receive a different sort of revelation, which is correct?

And perhaps more importantly, which do you follow?