12 July 2012

Day 27: Little Bird

We live on the third floor of an apartment building.  There is no one above us.  And currently, on our balcony, is a little bird.

He's been sitting there since yesterday.  He kind of looks like a sparrow, but I'm not sure.

He can walk.  He's been pacing.  Other birds come by from time to time and it looked like one was trying to feed it, but I'm not sure.  He can move his wings but it doesn't seem like he can fly.  If he could, I think he would have flown away by now.

I feel badly and worried for this little bird.  He sits and he watches.  Sometimes it seems like he's crouching.  Below us there is grass and a courtyard and above us there is only a little bit of roof, and then nothing but sky.  Birds were meant to fly.  But here he sits, just beyond the glass, just below the railing, bring to stay out of the sun.

We know that if we try to help him, it will probably only hurt him.  So we're just watching through the door, hoping that if he is hurt, he will heal soon.