11 November 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

I consider myself to be a proud American. I love this country and the freedom I enjoy because of the sacrifices of others. My grandpa was a captain in the USAF and my other grandpa was a Merchant Marine. I really wish I would have been able to join the Air Force, but alas, not eligible. So instead, I do everything I can to support the men and women who can serve.

I live by Hill Air Force Base in Layton and I love every second of it. The F-16 is my favorite jet and I could watch them fly all day, every day, and never get tired of it. When I hear some people ask "how do you get used to that?" or complain about the noise, it completely stuns me. I hope I never get used to it, because the sound of that Pratt and Whitney engine is the sound of freedom. They get up and train and fight every day so I can live.

In the fight for gay rights, I hear a lot of things, positive and negative, about this country. And yes, some argue that we aren't really free. Perhaps we are limited, but at least I can be who I am. I can be gay in this country.

I am grateful for the military, for the men and women who serve and do it willingly. They risk their own safety, even their lives, so that I can be safe, so that I can live.

If anyone is a veteran or active duty military, the restaurant I work for is running a promotion today to say thank you. Across the country, if you eat at an Outback Steakhouse tonight, you can get a free Bloomin' Onion and beverage (Coke product in Utah, Budweiser elsewhere if you're so inclined).

Happy Veteran's Day!


marriedtoamoho said...

I used to live in Layton, and also LOVED the sounds of the aircraft flying overhead. I miss that.

Jenz said...