02 November 2009

The Rules of Opposites

This is a blog post my friend Geoff just posted and I really liked it. Thought you might too!

The Rule of Opposites

Opposites exist to contrast and compliment each other and to exist in place of each other. I'll explain.

In a pitch black room there is no light. A single lamp in the middle of the room will expel the darkness to everything in line of sight. There still will be shadows behind chairs, tables, people, etc. but the dark of the shadow is not as dark as it was without the lamp on. Light and darkness are opposites. Where light exists, darkness leaves. The light always seems brighter after a period of darkness and vice versa. A lot of people have probably heard this analogy used for religious purposes, but today I use it for something else.

Love and fear are opposites. Where love exists, fear leaves. How much is love brightening up the room in your mind? What/who casts shadows of fear for you? Is there a big couch of commitment? Does a person's past cast a long shadow on the wall? Do social pressures and expectations put a lamp shade over your love?

The brighter, truer and more open your love is, the less fear you will have in life. Raise your lamp high to shorten the shadows that are there. Take off any lampshades that filter the light. Let it shine to every corner of your life. Being loved is the best feeling in the world when you love them equally back....and two lamps are brighter than one. :)

(reposted by Ames with thanks to Weasle)