25 June 2011


It's nearly four in the afternoon.  I have to be to work by five.  I should probably start to get ready or something.  But I'd rather just sit here.

It's a warm day outside.  The sun in shining and the boys are doing yardwork.  It's a good day to sit on the porch and swap stories.  I know that in an hour, I will be stuck in a hot restaurant until long after the sun goes down.  So for now, I'd rather just sit here.

I'm comfortable, just lounging.  And from where I sit, I can see my girlfriend.  I can hear the music she's playing as she puts on her makeup.  She has the same routine and I can tell you what she's probably doing without actually seeing what she's doing.  Soon she'll be doing her hair.  Then she'll finish the rest of her makeup.  Then she'll ask me how she looks.  She says hi to me when she catches me looking at her.  She's adorable.

As I sit here, and I think about her, as I watch her and feel the love I have for her, it just makes sense.  I love her.  It's that simple.  So I'd rather just sit here.


Kim Nordyke said...

I love what makes sense.