27 April 2009

Oh, The Irony...

This was too good to not post.

I went to a missionary farewell yesterday for a friend of our family. This meant that my parents went too. My parents don't know that I'm gay and I plan on keeping it that way for a while longer.

Inevitably, the question came up...this time it was from my mom..."so do you think you'll ever date again?" I responded with the usual "I don't know." She said that my dad has been tweaking out about it, now that I've been divorced for three years. I guess he'd really like it if I would get back into the dating world (even though I've never really been into dating...wonder why). But this was my favorite part:

My mom tells my dad that if I date someday, it's fine, but if not..."I raised her well, she doesn't need a man!"

I'm still laughing!


Jenz said...

Maybe your mom knows in her heart.

Duck said...

Your mom's words are priceless. And, hysterical. :)

When I left to teach overseas on an Air Force Base with the Dept. of Defense, my mom wondered how I dared do something "on my own".

Wish she had had more the spirit your mom's comment exemplified: "Glad I raised a strong daughter who does NOT need someone in order to do things with her life." :)


Duck said...

P.S. Please do not be offended by my e-mail address. I assure you, it is a real address, and is just a fun kind of play on words, if you catch my drift. :)