01 May 2009

Someone Please Remind Me...

...that my family has been and is directly influenced by the Utah Bubble.

...that they do not know that I'm gay.

...that when I decide to tell them, I do not want it to be an emotional outburst that I will regret later.


Lush Amazon said...

i wish i could say that i dont have regrets for telling my parents, but i do sometimes, and plenty people do, but when you actually do it, and everything settles, it'll be worth while.


Hidden said...

Hey Drak.

Read your post :P

El Genio said...

Sometimes it is just so tempting to blurt it all out in a moment of frustration. **sigh**

Sarah said...

The best advice I can give you is to follow the spirit to know how and when to tell them, and then realize that even then, it will most likely not be smooth sailing for a while, and you might find yourself regretting it regardless. But like Lush says, it will be worth it.

I'm not sure how to word this, but even if it seems not worth it to you some days, you are giving your family a chance to change their perspective when they realize that it now affects them personally. Attitudes and prejudices change gradually, one person, or even just one thought at a time.

Good luck! The Utah bubble is definitely tricky to get around. We all just have to keep working on popping the bubble a little at a time. :)

drakames said...

Nothing like a weekend with all the family to remind you of how heavy this secret can be to carry. Thanks all, for your understanding and your encouraging words! Thanks for being my other family right now!

Lush: I'm going to hold you to that promise! :)

Hidden: You're awesome! That is indeed one of the reasons I wrote this post. Sometimes it's just good to see it in writing, you know? :)

El Genio: I share in that sigh. Hope we can get through it! :)

Sarah: I think I need a sharper pin for this Utah bubble! :)

Jenz said...

The main reason I told my mom, was because if something happened to me (or her) I wanted her to know the real me...and not some imaginary person she thought I was. Plus, I can tell my mom anything and the secret was tearing me up inside...all the lies. I didn't feel good about lying to her...I loved her too much and our relationship was suffering. I have no regrets.