22 May 2009


Did anyone else get a chance to check out "Glee" on Tuesday? It was the pilot episode but Fox aired it as a sneak peek. It doesn't actually start airing until the fall. But based on the pilot, I think it could become one of my new favorite shows.

The pilot is available on Fox's website through the summer, so you can check it out here. Or I've still got it on my DVR if you want a tv night. Or if you want to see a preview first, click here.

Pretty much it's about a high school Glee club and the teacher that is trying to save it, get the kids excited, and make it into an outstanding organization again. The club is mostly misfits, and the high school quarterback. Ah, high school memories. Much better when you can look back on them. :)

I think the cheerleading coach is my favorite. Let's be honest, sarcasm is my favorite type of humor. It just about kills me. Both my sisters were cheerleaders in junior high and high school and I think I would have gotten more into it if they would have had a coach like this.

Oh, and I thought this was pretty cool: the main female lead, Rachel Berry (besides being pretty cute), has two dads. Do I sense a hint of progress?

"Don't Stop Believin'!" Check out Glee!


Yudanashi said...

You can also download it for free on iTunes and check out this video for the best song EVER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFaSgUMWo_Y&feature=related Thanks Evan for pointing this out to me.

El Genio said...

This posted about an hour after my Glee post lol. You can actually get two of the songs on Itunes (I nearly flipped when I found out I could get the Journey song).

"You think this is hard?! Waterboarding is hard!!"

Captain Midnight said...

I loved it too. I think it's amazing how they can take the tired old underdog high school nerd story and make it seem fresh. I don't know how they did it, but Glee didn't seem cliche at all. I can't wait until the next episode in the fall.

Jenz said...

i missed it. everything i have heard about it has been great. i'm gonna watch the pilot as soon as I get time.