10 August 2009

Big Change = Big Stress

There are lots of things I want from life. I want a job where I don't have to be awake before the clock has double digits. I want gas prices to stay low. I want a house by a lake someday. I want to come up with a great idea to write about and sell books by the millions. I want to come home to someone who lights up when they see me, who I love more every day, and who I've adopted a King Charles Spaniel with...

...to name a few.

Some of these might be a little out of my reach at the moment, but they are sometimes nice to think about. And currently, I do have a job that lets me sleep in until the clock has double digits. What can I say, I'm just not a morning person.

Right now, all I want is for things to get back to "normal." I want to feel like I'm standing on solid ground again, or if that's too much to ask, maybe to just feel like the boat is not rocking so much.

Do you think that's unreasonable?


alex dumas said...

Not so unreasonable. Everyone needs things to daydream about.

ControllerOne said...

I knew I like you. Anyone who appreciates a good dog is definitely a friend of mine!