02 August 2009

Why I Blush

I'm glad that I got out of the house and went to the MoHo party at Scott and Sarah's. I wasn't there for very long, but it was enjoyable all the same.

Hidden was nice enough to invite some of his lesbian friends and I was very grateful to not be the only girl. As I was talking to them, they started asking me about dating and the possibility of setting me up, which is all well and good and not a bad thing...and yet I turned a very bright shade of red. Yay for me.

There's reasons for this...first, I blush at the drop of a hat. Always have. Second, I am not used to being the center of attention and I got kind of self-conscious. Third, as much as I'd like to be someday, right now I am not a lesbian in my everyday life. Well, I am, but not outwardly. I don't often talk about the things I really want, like dating, like going out, like being out. It's not that I'm necessarily uncomfortable, it's just not familiar right now.

So I blush. That's probably why I don't like the color red very much.

But I did have a really good night and definitely want to say thanks to my friends for encouraging me to come and be with them. Y'all are the best!


ControllerOne said...

I love your blog. Plain, honest talk.

Hidden said...

We thought your blushing was cute. It's fine! We LOVE you!

And we were super glad you could come last night; it was worth the wait :P

Over the Rainbow said...

You are so cute- we definitely did enjoy your blushing :P

It was so fun to meet you- I usually am at the parties- sorry I had a bit of a selfish tantrum and missed last month leaving you and Sarah as the only girls!!