13 August 2009

Running the Bases

I went to the Bee's game tonight with the other Amy that I mentioned in a previous post. I'm not really into baseball but it was loads of fun. The Bee's actually won, and afterwards there was fireworks too. Then we all got to run the bases because it was a summer party for people who work for Larry H. Miller Companies. Good times!

It was really good for me to be there and be safe with other gay people. Amy's older brother is also gay and has a husband, and to be able to witness how at ease they are in every day life is just so nice. It's refreshing to see their happiness.

But the other great thing was that it felt right. If she put her arm around me, it was okay. If I put my hand on her back, it was okay. If our knees touched, it was okay. I didn't cringe and worry like I have before with guys. I don't know how to explain it other than it just felt right.

So I'm not really into baseball. But after tonight, I could be.


Hidden said...

Last sentence of this post = perfect. Love, love, love.

alex dumas said...

So, is there a chance you could be into Amy?