07 January 2010

2010 - January Theme

2010 is here and sometimes I can hardly believe it. Time seems to go by so quickly. Another year, come and gone, to be forgotten or learned from. I was never really one for resolutions but this year I've been thinking about what I want from 2010 and how to make it happen.


Last year I made a "30 List" with three of my friends (I don't recall if I've mentioned it before). I have 30 things to do before I'm 30. In 2009, I crossed five things off. That's a good start I think, and I'm hoping to get to more in 2010. The ones I've been looking at lately are these:

*have a picnic in Liberty Park
*get a massage
*send a postcard to someone in another state
*sketch a scenic view
*hike Angel's Landing in Zion National Park
*land more snowboarding jumps

There are also long-term goals on my list, like get a degree, pay off my car, continue to go without cutting, and see every Heath Ledger movie, that I work towards little by little in relative increments. I will be 27 next month, so there's still time, but it's nice to have a list of things to work towards doing.

I also have a few other things that I haven't put on any list, but I've been thinking about for 2010.

*build my self-confidence
*be able to be true to myself
*continue to build my relationship with my girlfriend
*take more pictures
*write more

2009 was okay for me. But I'm hoping 2010 will be absolutely great. So here's to another year, another decade, and another moment of living life; here's to goals and the motivation to accomplishing them; here's to friends and family who help along the way. Cheers!