02 December 2010

Stop and Stare

My girlfriend and I went to the Festival of the Trees on Wednesday night.  For those of you who don't live in Utah, this is a yearly benefit for Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City.  Hundreds of trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, and stuff are decorated and donated, then auctioned off to raise money.  Then they have four nights of exhibition for the public to come view the trees.  It's a really awesome event and if you are in the SLC area, I suggest you go.  It's at the Sandy Expo Center through the 4th.

Anyways, we're at the Festival, we're looking at trees and loving life.  In public, we don't act like a couple, meaning that we aren't affectionate, holding hands, things of that nature.  An observant soul could probably figure out that we're together, which is fine, but we don't advertise.  We're cautious.

I don't know if there were a lot of observant souls around last night, but we were both noticing how many people seemed to be staring at us.  Maybe it was an acute case of paranoia.  Maybe we were both having an awesome hair day and some people were jealous.  Maybe people could tell that we're gay but we're also happy, and gay people are "sinful" so we're not supposed to be happy.  That can be confusing for a Mormon, I think.  I don't know.  But it happens a lot when we go out and about.  People like to stare at us.  We just do our thing and try not to care, because we are happy, and that's what matters to us.

So I know we're adorable and all, but I think it's interesting that it happens to us.  Does it happen to you?  Why do you suppose that is?


Original Mohomie said...

I think people stare most when they think there's something different but are trying to figure out what it is or whether their suspicions are correct. :-)

Quiet Song said...

You both have somewhat unusual even exotic features,so they ae probably thinking, "are they sisters,' but then they think, "no they don't look enough alike,cousins maybe," and then they might say, "what's with their hair," I'm guessing the majority never really get to saying, "wow, are they together, together?"