09 September 2009

A Day In The Life

Sometimes I get caught up in the magnitude of trying to make two different worlds work for me. That's why I started blogging. I need to sort through my thoughts and my feelings and my history, and I've always been one that does that best through the written word. Blogging is like therapy and I know that it's helped me so very much in finding who I am and being who I am. It's given me a voice.

But we all know that being gay is not all of who we are. It's just a part of us, just one more thing to love about us.

So I thought I'd do a post about the things I do in my life that aren't necessarily all about being a Latter-Day Lesbian. After all, we all have our daily lives that we get up and live. Here's a little bit of insight into mine.

I work in a restaurant. I have a few different jobs that I do when I'm there. I'm the office manager, so five mornings a week I'm there before we open, reconciling sales, paying bills, doing daily operations, payroll, things of that nature. Then I usually have four or five night shifts where I either serve or am a shift manager. That takes up a lot of my time.

Two nights a week I am in school. I'm taking a math class at Weber State. This also means that I'm dedicating time to homework.

I listen to a lot of music. Music speaks to me in a way that nothing else does. There's a style for every emotion, a lyric for every situation, and I love it. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Tool and I mostly listen to rock. But I like a wide variety. The only stuff I really don't do is techno and country. Can't take the twang.

I am a sports junkie, so if I can't watch a game, you might catch me checking scores on my phone. Basketball is my favorite and football is in a very close second. I like soccer and won't say no to baseball either. I've even been known to watch a boxing match or two. Not so much with golf or tennis though.

I have some really amazing friends and I love to spend time with them. I usually have movie night with a few of them once a week. Since a lot of my friends work at the restaurant with me, we like to go out after work and just hang out, unwind, and relax. I've noticed that restaurant people tend to be creatures of the night.

I like movies and television. Visual entertainment is a great vacation for me, because I can just focus on the story and get really wrapped up in it.

Every day I get up, sometimes I have ice cream for breakfast, I drive my car, I make eye contact with other people, I breathe, I sing along to my favorite songs, I see people I care about, I hope, I dream, I have new experiences that help me be the person I am.

And I live the life I was born to live.


alex dumas said...

Thank you for proving you're a normal person. Life is definitely not all about your sexual orientation.

Jenz said...

cool insight! you sound like every other lesbian in regards to sports. well...except for me! and I love country and techno -- rock too though...although I don't do that hard heavy metal -- but when I was your age i did! too old now.