12 September 2009

Picked Up On Gaydar

Is it a good thing when you set off someone else's gaydar?

My friends have told me, and I agree, that I'm not someone who comes across as obviously gay. There are little things here and there that they notice, but I guess it's not glaringly apparent...perhaps unless you're looking.

A lesbian couple who came into work last night. I was managing and ended up seating them. Then they spent their time in the restaurant debating over whether or not I was gay. They even asked their server. He is brand new and didn't know, but that was a fun conversation when he announced to the kitchen that the girls at his table thought I was cute and wanted to know if I was gay (I'm not out at work, by the way. I don't think much will come from it because my friend who does know said she was proud of how well I played it off. I'm not really worried about it, so we'll see...).

The couple eventually just asked me, and it wasn't a big deal to tell them the truth. They were really nice to talk to and I thought it was amusing that I was their dinner conversation entertainment.

Oddly enough though, I was kind of reassured by the fact that other lesbians could see that I was a lesbian. And it was a good laugh. I got picked up on gaydar.


alex dumas said...

I hate that, myself.

Jenz said...

It's a good thing if you are comfortable with who you are. This is how we find each other.