28 June 2012

Day 22: Days Like These

Today is the last day of my weekend. For those of you in the "real world" out there, today is Wednesday. For those of us who work on your weekends, we take days off in the middle of the week. My weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'm sad the weekend is over. But today was an awesome day.

First: Spain advances to the EuroCup final over Portugal. Being that there were many players from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, this was an interesting match to watch. It went full time, then extra time, then to penalty kicks to determine the winner. I love soccer like that and it's even better when the team you want to win actually does. Being a Jazz fan all these years hasn't given me much experience in that category, but I'm finding that I enjoy it.

Second, I spent all day with my best friend. I know our relationship does as well as it does because we have a pretty awesome friendship. It's really great to be in love with my best friend.

Third, we went to dinner with my girlfriend's brother and his fiancé. We love hanging out with those two. They're just dorky like we are and we always have so much fun. I'm lucky to have been accepted into a second family. I didn't grow up with brothers, but I have them now. I'm just blessed.

I love days like these.