11 June 2012

Day 5: So Normal, It's Boring

At the beginning of this year, my girlfriend and I moved into an apartment together.  For the last month, we've had someone from work staying with us.  When she turned eighteen, her mom kicked her out, so we told her she could stay here.

I've thought about what our life must look like since she's been in our home.  And from what I can see, we're just so normal that it's boring.

For example, I usually get up earlier than my girlfriend does.  I wander out into the kitchen and get my morning Mountain Dew (hey, some people drink hot caffeine in the morning, I prefer cold).  I get on my phone and catch up on the Facebook and the Twitter crowd, check the weather, maybe the CNN app if I'm feeling spunky.

When my girlfriend gets up, I usually make her coffee.  Then we have breakfast together.  Sometimes it's bagels with cinnamon sugar.  Sometimes it's eggs and toast.  Sometimes it's just yogurt.  But we have breakfast together.

Then I do dishes.  She does laundry.  We pay bills.  We run errands.  Then we have to get ready for work.  When we come home, we usually watch some SportsCenter or something on the DVR to unwind. We get a little something to eat.  Then we go to bed.

Yes, it is probably boring.  But it's also really nice.  It's nice because we have this life together that is so normal.  It's comfortable.  It's what I imagined when I thought about my life with someone.  We don't talk about taking over the world or corrupting traditional marriage.  We don't discuss straight people much at all, actually, not in that context.  We don't talk about politics or the economy or religion...much.  We are just living our lives, doing our thing, being normal -- and boring -- together.