25 June 2012

Day 20: I Know You're Not Okay With It

I had a conversation with my sister last week.  They were visiting and stayed an extra night because of my dad getting set apart as a high councilman.  

My family has graciously said that my girlfriend can come with us on our next family vacation.

I was totally and completely stunned, because I was prepared not to go.  The last time we went on vacation, it was fun, but it sucked at the same time because I was away from the person I care about the most.  We couldn't call each other, we weren't together, and we were both missing each other the whole time.  It wasn't an enjoyable vacation.  And I vowed that, should we vacation again, I wouldn't go alone.  I'd rather stay home.  So when my mom texted me about another vacation, that's what I assumed would be the case.

I was surprised.

I am not surprised that it is with great concern that they agreed.  And it was some of these concerns that my sister, my mom, and I were discussing in this conversation.

My sister and my dad both feel like if they say that my girlfriend can come to events and on vacation, it's like they're telling me that they're okay with us being together, when really they're not.  They feel like they're telling me that little by little, they accept our relationship.

But I know they're not okay with it.  I know they'll never be.

What I hope for though, especially as time goes on, is that they'll get to know me again.  And they'll get to know my girlfriend.  I hope that the anger will fizzle and wither away.  I hope that they'll see how happy we are.  And little by little, while they may not accept it, it will be easier to show that they love me.

This is another bit of uncharted territory and I'm hoping that I won't take the wrong steps.  I know that you're not okay with it.  But maybe one day, I'll feel like you're okay with me again.


Miguel said...

That's good news right? Sounds to me like they're making an effort. Sure it may sound like they're okay with you two while they're 'really not okay' and that's normal--it is uncharted territory for all.

But give them a chance to find out why you're so in love with your girlfriend and why she is so fantastic for you and your spirit, soon enough they'll also love her like they love you...just give them a chance and see what happens.

Love your series here! :D